I gratefully acknowledge the large amount of work over many years by Joshphar Kunapo in deriving the original lines of the streams layer and polygons of the subcs layer (to which I have made subsequent corrections and additions), and the 5-m DEM and flow-distance rasters used for elevation, slope, EI and AF calculations. Mike Sammonds contributed to the stream_names table and strcode naming convention (Chapter 3). Gayani Chandrasena and Yong Cai of Water Technology contributed to the delineation of the subcatchments connected to drainage lines (Chapter 6). Matt Burns developed the code for extracting flow metrics from the Bureau of Meteorology AWRA data (Chapter 8).

The compilation of the environmental metrics for the stream network is a contribution to the Australian Research Council Linkage Project LP200100381. The writing of this manual and its associated web apps were funded by Melbourne Water, through the Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership, with the unwavering support of Rhys Coleman. Also at Melbourne Water, Trish Grant, Sharyn RossRakesh and Al Danger were all instrumental in acquiring the Nearmap data which was required to finish this seemingly interminable project. The content was greatly improved by editorial reviews of Yung En Chee and suggestions on Chapter 9 by Priya Van Ryn. Thank you to you all. Also, thanks to Douglas Adams for all the fish.