Data downloads

The full1 macroinvertebrate database is available for download as a geopackage (gpkg) file. See the technical tips tab for a summary of the tables and their relationships.

mwbugs_taxonomy_tables.xlsx is an excel file containing only the taxonomy tables of the database.

bug_database_functions.R contains several helper functions for working with the database in R. (calcMonthDate(), calcMonthNo(), codeTaxonomy(), checkTaxonNames(), taxoncodeToShortcode(), plot_lumar(), load_all_mwbugs_table()).

mwbugs.bib is a bibtex file containing all references used by the user’s manual and the data explorer app (in preparing download data documentation).

All photos listed in the site_photos table can be downloaded from the server using the following script (in R), and placed in subdirectories matching those listed in the photo_sources table.

local_photo_dir <- "~/temp/streamphotos/"  
 # change as appropriate, include trailing /
for(i in 1:nrow(site_photos)){
  diri <- photo_source$file_directory[photo_source$photo_sourcecode == 
  if(!diri %in% dir(local_photo_dir)){
    dir.create(paste0(local_photo_dir, diri))
  urli <- paste0(
    diri,"/", site_photos$filename[i])
                paste0(local_photo_dir, diri,"/",site_photos$filename[i]))


  1. This file excludes biota data for samples for which embargoed = 1 in the samples table. If you wish access to the embargoed data please contact Chris Walsh↩︎