LUMaR calculator: using bugs to assess stream health

This app allows you to upload your own macroinvertebrate data (from the Melbourne region) to calculate LUMaR score, a new indicator of stream condition, developed by Walsh and Webb (2013), that provides improved, consistent assessment of urban and forest-loss impacts across the Melbourne region. It is linked to an unofficial R package, melbstreambiota, which allows LUMaR calculation in R.

Environmental Benefit Calculator (for stormwater management)

Get the most out of your rainwater tank or raingarden. Use this tool to find the optimal design for harvesting the water you need while providing the maximum protection for your local creek. Originally developed for the Little Stringybark Creek project, the tool has been updated with some new features, such as an option to select a rainfall pattern for your area.

Biota data-entry form for the Melbourne Water Macroinvertebrate Database

A web-form for entering macroinvertebrate data by taxon name to retrieve correct names and taxon codes, and to format and download the data ready for import into the Melbourne Water macroinvertebrate database.

Melbourne Water Macroinvertebrate Database

An open-access, searchable web interface for Melbourne Water’s large collection of macroinvertebrate assemblage records from streams of the Greater Melbourne region since 1993, integrated with the stream network.

Melbourne Water Stream Network

The Melbourne Water Stream Network represents the flow paths and catchments of the streams and rivers of the Greater Melbourne Region (the region managed by Melbourne Water). The Network is an up-to-date and accurate spatial dataset that includes small headwater streams missing from earlier stream data.